Tracing Freedom.

Pavel Faur's definition of freedom.

Portrait of Pavel Faur from Romania, Sighisoara.

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Freedom means to have the fundamental right to express personal opinions without any pressure from the autho- rities or other persons. To be free means that you have the right to choose any job in any eld of activity; it means to be able to express ideas and have your own opinion about the law and the government. Freedom is the possibility to travel and work for anybody, in any country. This kind of freedom comes with an obligation to respect the laws of the country in which you live, travel or work. For myself, freedom is also to escape from compulsory religion and to choose my own beliefs. I am happy that the law guarantees freedom and human rights and that they are respected in my country and in the eu.

Pavel Faur
fromRomania, Sighisoara, definition gathered2008-12-07